we older fans for sure have "thirst" for their oldest material to be remastered and re-realased. But I highly doubt it will happen.

They always seem to focus on their "singles only" -post Smash- when it comes to compilations or setlists. Appart from the japan only bside compilation Happy our and the Club Me EP. So it would be weird if they realease older outtakes or bsides for us. Still they would fit great in yet another S/T re-realease. like "Halloween" as it was already give as example.

Appart from that a S/T anniversary tour like the Ignition last year would be something wonderfull to see even if they dont get it to South America. I though I heard greg doing the bass intro for Demons prior to playing the Ramones cover in Buenos Aires, I know it was the drugs, but still for a second I was like WTF?