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MUSLIM...PERIOD. Add up all the Muslim terrorist attacks beginning with the 911 Twin Towers. Subtract those attacks from ALL known terrorist attacks. Bet you have a really small number leftover.
But I have an even better category, you could say 99% of all terrorists were religious. See my category is more inclusive and thus by your logic, more accurate. Also as far as I know they were all human beings, since by definition chimpanzees can't be considered terrorists, then the category 'human' is 100% more accurate.

Of course using a large umbrella category like that means we know less and less relevant information as to the motivation of the attack. Like how there are so many muslim terrorists, that's fairly well known, but the category of muslim tells us little about their motivation. Which is why people start saying annoying things like "they hate our freedom." A better category makes for more accurate generalizations. In a nutshell, thats why details are important and could possibly prevent you from looking like a moron. Its why people see Justin as intelligent and Bighead as a moron, despite saying the same thing.

Personally I'm convinced terrorism has something 100% to do with poor finger-nail hygiene and 5 o'clock shadows. That seems to also include 100% of all terrorists I've seen pictures of. Though honestly the finger nail thing is something I just assumed.