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Trust me, your totally stupid fucking point was not missed. You do not understand what terrorism is or you wouldn't even equate the two. Start listing the Christian abortion clinic bombings idiscrminently killing innocent people first off. You know...blowing people all to shit NOWHERE near a clinic just because that is where you happen to lay a fucking bomb. Killing and maiming anyone or anything in sight just for the sake of blowing off a bomb and somehow reconciling it with some dip-shitted idea that it will draw attention to something. Killing people who have ZERO...nada...nothing to do with anything you might be pissed off about...they were simply unlucky enough to be in the area of the bombing. Secondly, abortion clinics are factories made to kill babies. If you want to twist it up enough, you could, in some derranged way, call eliminating abortion clinics saving lives. I wouldn't go that far by any means but it illustrates a point. Hell, why not call one kid beating up another kid terrorism...one of them was scared i am sure.

Bahahahahaha "let me put on my smart cap so it at least looks like I'm making a coherent sentence and valid point?"

Wtf is this? As we can all agree, bombing an abortion clinic isn't terrorism, same as bullying.