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Thread: Things you hate

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    Default Things you hate

    I'm very bored and curious and i thought this could be interesting. ;p so go ahead. list the stuff you hate. Stuff that makes you cringe and brings your blood to a boil. Stuff that makes you wanna strangle people left and right. or just silly stuff that annoys you. whatever.

    ill post mine later or something. *yawn*

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    People who say they love you but don't.

    People who'd kill for you but woudln't break a grape for you.

    Those two are at the top of my list at the moment.

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    Default things i hate today.

    i'm bored aswell, so i'll list some...
    - school. goddamn boring. need i say more?
    - getting up at 6.30 AM when it's still dark and cold outside.
    - i hate it when it's raining and i wanna go out for a walk. [note that i hate umbrellas!]
    - cigarette smoke. my eyes hurt from it, and no matter on what side of the table i sit, the smoke always goes into my face. i'm like a magnet for it!
    - rude immature guys. like those from my class. they annoy me sometimes. today, for example.
    - there are some people i call my friends, eventho they don't seem to care much about me, since it always has to be me to call them, ask them out, send them SMS, otherwise they wouldn't even remember that i exist. =/
    - uncertainty. i hate it.
    - obsessins. they can be tiring. very.
    - time! because it flies.

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    Hmm I really hate baby carriages. They are a plague here in Denmark. The people who use them are egoists who screw up the trains and buses. If people can't carry their child then they shouldn't have children. Take up the friggin' sidewalk why don't you?!

    I despise snobbish quite a bit. Especially in my class. The more intelligent/arrogant clique tends to make some snide remarks sometimes. I can't help but be sarcastic to them when they do.

    Coins. Everything should be done with paper money, like Belarus.

    The wind in general.

    and yeah that would be it.

    There are probably more, since I despise so many things. but I despise typing as well so I'm compromising.
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    food i hate:
    nuts, syrup, honey, cheese (not all of it), apfelschorle.
    i dislike it when people shake bottles. i wont drink it
    then, no matter how clear it is that the drink itself has
    not changed at all :/
    i hate being so lazy. why didnt i do anything the last
    six days? goddamn it. now i need to do all the work this
    i hate the lack of money i CONSTANTLY have. hate.
    hate. hate.
    i hate the way i look. and i hate actually feeling this way.
    i hate it that i dont get compliments. i hate it that i
    dont receive emails from people i expect it from. i hate
    how i give out 87923293 birthday presents a year and
    dont get a single one in return.
    i hate being materialistic and actually getting upset over
    such a thing.
    i hate how my mom wants to suddenly organize a party
    for me.
    i hate parties. and i hate that i hate parties.
    grrr. should i REALLY go on?! i think not.

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    an unfair world - purely subjective of course
    hypocrisy & shallowness
    friends that stray away
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    -pretentious people
    -waking up at 6am
    -winter and snow... I think I'm born in the wrong country seeing how much I hate that
    -Simple Plan
    - Hypocrisy
    - Mary Higgins Clark's books
    -my English teacher, she's not mean at all it's just that sometimes I feel like I'm doing an English course of secondary one. She spent 10 minutes to explain what is the meaning of knowledge and after that she talked to us about adding 's' to the verb with he/she/it ...
    There would be more to add but I can't think of anything else.

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    I hate idiots, especially idiots that hold strong political opinions or that place politics over policy. I really fucking hate those people. Political ignorance makes me want to throttle babies.

    People that drive too slow in the passing lane. I want missiles on the front of my car.

    When it's overcast for days on end.

    The Office of Traffic and Parking at my school. I'm not alone though, everyone hates it.

    Japan. I fucking hate Japan. It's a country with a legacy of racism and sexism that continues up until today.

    Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand is one dumb cunt who wrote some really fucking stupid books that idiots believe to be gospel.

    That's about it for now.
    “It is a strange paradox that today’s central banks are generally staffed by economists, who by and large profess a belief in a theory which says that their jobs are, at the best, unnecessary, and more likely wealth-destroying. Needless to say, this is not a point widely discussed among respectable economists. Nevertheless, it is an issue worth pondering.”

    George Cooper, The Origin of Economic Crises

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    early mornings
    arrogant people who walk around anywhere thinking they run the place
    busted and mcfly
    little 9 year olds in slipknot and offspring hoodies

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    racists, ageists, egoists (?) and bovril...

    btw Nina..what is "apfelschorle." *is lost in the midst of language*

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