Muslim extremists, Moto?
The Kill Team

One guy is heard in the documentary about it saying something to the effect of, "This happens all the time. We're just the ones that got caught." And also, "We straight up murdered that dude." There are three known murders tied to this platoon and the guy who inspired them to do it did so by talking about how they had done it in his platoon on previous tour(s).

Unfortunately, some people will suddenly start believing that all of the hundreds of thousands of U.S. military men that have served overseas have known about, or taken part in, this sort of thing, because it "happens all the time." Much in the same way that people think all Muslims are violent terrorists, with innocent civilians murdered by U.S. military men and all. This is the sort of thing that most people manage to be ignorant about, so that they can make the claim that the majority of terrorist acts are committed by people of a specific religion.