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Most of what makes stfuparents funny is the blogger's commentary. I've yet to see anything as bad as what turns up there. Its all incredibly mundane. "Just got Baby her first pair of shoes. They were a little expensive, but hopefully worth the cost because they are supposed to be good for walking. *insert blurry pic of Baby doing 'wtf?' face, whilst wearing said shoes*"

Note: Her child always has a 'wtf?' face in her blurry barrage of pictures. I'm not sure why, but haven't really given it any thought until this very moment. Maybe the kid is like "Wtf is your reasoning for sharing this moment on Facebook, Mom? I don't get it."
A friend of mine posts pretty much nothing but blurry cell phone pics of her baby. "We're at the park and here's our baby sitting in his stroller, with a bored look on his face, and complete with blur and bad picture quality!"

One of my friends, though, always posts funny captions with her pictures. One picture of her baby with a set of toy keys around her wrist said, "[Baby's name] knows how to rock the chunky bracelet". I can appreciate that shit.