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Thread: Grindcore/Metalcore Dudes (An Annoying Sub-Genre of People)

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    Default Grindcore/Metalcore Dudes (An Annoying Sub-Genre of People)

    Wouldn't you agree?

    Every person I've met who listens to this genre of music as their primary, sometimes exclusive, type of music just seems brainwashed with the idea that the ONLY music out today worth appreciating is the sort of technical grindcore/metalcore stuff similar to Between the Buried and Me. They start their own bands that are usually pretty accomplished musically, but they stay relatively obscure and are condescending to bands of other genres. They also seem to frequently be defensive about what is and isn't "metal" for some reason. I kind of like some of this music, but these type of guys annoying me.

    btw- Saw a really good band open for BTBAM called Animals As Leaders. They almost sort of stole the show from BTBAM, which isn't easy to do. See link:
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    Saw Animals as leader last year opening for Thrice. Fuckin boring as shit.
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    All cookie-monster-vocal hardcore stuff is shit. Fratboy douchenozzles.

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