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Thread: Offspring Acoustic Album?

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    Default Offspring Acoustic Album?

    Hello out there!

    I was just wondering what you guys think about an official offspring acoustic album and how you estimate the probabilities that this might happen? I think everyone recognized that they did a lot of acoustic performances in the recent years (defy you, Gone Away Piano, Dirty Magic even officially on the best of, all of the songs a bit on the best of, on youtube lots of vids with come out and play, days go by and so on)..

    To be honest, it is really one of my greatest dreams that they will someday release an acoustic album. This would really be priceless… I love Dirty Magic acoustic, I love defy you acoustic and i really really love the the acoustic session on the best of, especially The Kids aren't alright and Self esteem….

    What do you guys think? And what would be your favorite songs to be "covered" and which do you think would be best as an acoustic version?

    I saw this on youtube (Cover of Change the world)… Imagine this being sung by Dexter and played by Noodles… GOOSEBUMPS

    Songs which i would really really love to hear:

    Change the World
    Forever and a Day
    Self Esteem
    Gotta Get Away
    The Kids aren't alright

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    Turn the lights on.

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    Might happen.
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    But it probably won't

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    What do I think of it? Awesome idea! Will it happen? Probably not.

    To add to that list, I'd like to see "Come Out and Play" and "Out on Patrol". Kristy, "Are You Doing Okay?" would be a shoe in for such an album.
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    I would die happy after hearing that album. Ive always hoped for it. i think theyll do one eventually. They still have alot of time to surprise us

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    Ask yellow, she's the one with the inspiration. The Offspring are successful all because of her help. She is more than just a fan.

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