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Tak is our word for thanks, though I can see the confusion. Thanks/roof in Danish is tak/tag, what is it in Norwegian, takk/tak?
Takk = thanks
tak = roof

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And thanks Danish had some horrible sounds that took years to learn to pronounce so that others could understand. (And I'm a total buzzkill now when someone asks me to say rød grød med fløde, i will gladly ruin that joke or any form of accent based humor with glee.).

My real problem now is that I have a hard time hearing a difference in the names of some letters, so spelling something out loud for someone or writing down a name can be tedious. E/I, U/Y A/Æ. Only recently have my ears untangled Ø from U/Y, otherwise that was a hassle as well. But especially E/I and U/Y frustrating.
I don't think that is a problem with you, that is a problem anyone has. I read a study somewhere (I wish I could find it again) which said Danish children learn their language slower than other children of the world, because the vocals sound so very similar.

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We called it a dyne because that's what we used, you must've seen the weird layered system Americans use, or tried it in a hotel once. Funny the different ways cultures developed methods to prevent the human body from resting directly on a mattress or directly under a blanket.
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So true. I was beyond confused when I came to Europe. First I was like, "Why is the blanket white? It's gonna get dirty so fast!" Then I tried to make my bed the American way, but an Austrian took over and started shoving the blanket inside the sheet and I was hella confused. I'm still sold on the American way, though. It just looks nicer.
Wait, what is this American thing you talk about?