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Like in Goya's Ghosts - American, British and pan-European accents, despite all the characters supposedly being Spanish. That ruined the film for me.
Well, that's hard to avoid though. Even if you got them all speaking in Spanish accents you could still complain that they're not speaking Spanish. Often in period pieces like that they'll have all the actors adopt an English accent, as if everyone in the past all sounded British, which could be considered offensive. All in all, I think the best choice for something like that is to let the actors keep their natural accents, because no matter what they do the audience is going to have to be willing to give a little suspension of disbelief.

What I dislike is the tendency in Hollywood films to slip an English or Irish character into a movie set in America and then have nobody ever comment on the fact that this person is clearly a foreigner and never explain why they are in America. Jason Statham comes to mind, though anything is better than making him attempt an American accent.