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Thread: Perception Check (Formerly Against Belief)

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    Well folks, it's official: Against Belief is dead. But that's okay! Because, you see, my new band is much better than Against Belief, and I still retain a lot of creative control! We formed when I was offered to play a show with a band that I said I had but didn't, so I scrambled and got two friends of mine who aren't big on punk to play a punk show with me. Needless to say, I convinced them to start a band that combines Punk, Funk, and Prog into one messy genre! I introduce to you: Perception Check!

    "Punk, Funk, and Prog?! How is that even possible??"
    Well, you ass, I'll show you some examples!

    On our SoundCloud page, we have a few Perception Check original tunes up. In case you're lazy or not that interested, here are the direct links to the songs:
    Rats | The Competition | My Problem [Live Hanson Brothers Cover]

    Rats is a demo, and we plan on re-recording it for our first LP; The Competition is a track from that free EP I've started work on back in the Against Belief days; and My Problem is a recording from our first show, and is of course a cover of the classic Hanson Brothers song with a Pokémon themed intro.

    "Well, speaking of that free EP, what's happening with that Against Belief stuff you've been working on?"
    Luckily for you and I, I haven't officially released anything under the Against Belief name. As you may have noticed, the soundcloud username is still AgainstBelief. That probably won't change. As for the Against Belief songs themselves, they are being carried over to Perception Check and we've even performed some songs live already! The Against Belief LP is still going to come out eventually alongside the free EP, but just under the Perception Check name.

    "Cool, I don't care. Show me more stuff."

    Alright, well you should definitely like us on Facebook and check out our SoundCloud and see what else is up there music wise. But other than that, here's a live video of us performing Jess Jess Revolution with a guest vocalist!

    So yeah, check us out because I'm pretty excited about this band. I'll also just post random stuff from the band from time to time in this thread.


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    No one ever replied to this? For shame!

    I really like your original stuff. Do more. Rats and The Competition are both awesome.
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