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Thread: Remastered Records: Are they ever really worth it?

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    Default Remastered Records: Are they ever really worth it?

    I've never really heard a remastered album that truly impressed me. I always find myself having to go out of my way to search for any discernible difference(other than noticing that it is usually slightly louder). I've read reviews of remastered albums, and I don't think I've once read a positive commentary on "what a great job they did" with remastering some classic album.

    What I'm wondering is: Are remastered records basically just a scam that convinces people to buy a product that is practically identical to one that they already own? I sometimes wonder: Just how much time and effort do record companies really put in to remastering an older album? Are they really digging deep and making intricate changes to the sound levels? I've always felt that they do very little to affect the listening experience.

    In fact, it seems like the only thing the audio engineers who remaster albums CAN seem to do is make minor adjustment that allows the songs to sound slightly better when played at a high volume. And I feel like the lame extras they include (like stickers or a downloadable band-themed background desktop) are just there to "beef up" an essentially meatless product. Also, it seems that records are remastered much more often these days, although I'm not sure. However, I would guess so since recording technology is so much more advanced and convenient in current times.

    Have you ever heard a remastered album that blew you away? I know I haven't.
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