I'm actually in favor with the way they went about the In Utero reissue. It has different releases for different degrees of fans; there's Super Deluxe, Deluxe, and just the original album remastered. It seems like projects like these were mainly aimed at hardcore fans due to the repetitive nature (casual fans probably wouldn't care about different mixes of the same song). There's also brand new mixes for the entire album, in addition to the original. I'm glad they included the original, untampered.

For me, I've normally bought the "remastered" or whatever edition when I was buying the album for the first time (that's normally the most popular at the record store). Very rarely would I go out of my way to buy an album again. Also, new additions seem like a big no-no; like when the bass and drum parts for Blizzard of Ozz were completely rerecorded. In instances like those, it just doesn't seem genuine (they soon put out a more proper "remastered" version).

In terms of The Offspring, I found Ignition to have more defined percussion among other things. But I wasn't getting much from Smash.