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Thread: A Dexter Biography

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    Quote Originally Posted by malepunker View Post
    Wouldn't that be a good idea?

    He could talk about how stuff happened for him with details no one knows.
    He could also talk about behind the scenes stuff... like Ron leaving the band. The real motives and reasons. He could tell us why the abrupt change in style from ignition to smash, making it sound like a different band. He could tell us more about his biology studies and how he's taking his projects together. He could talk about Gone Away and the real motives for the song.

    And, if I'm any good at reading people's expressions, he could tell us what happened aroud the time splinter came out. A little more precisely after Conspiracy and during Splinter time. He was looking kinda blue during that time. I have a feeling the song Days go by is about that, mainly because of what he said on and interview. In which he said the song is about keep going on despite bad stuff that happens and that had also happened with him. But that's mere speculation.

    Maybe a book like that would be better to happen after the band is finished and commercial intersts are a little more aout of the question.
    Dexter is a private guy. He will only ever do something like that if that changes, or for some reason he decides to compromise that. It's really up to him. I can really respect that. I am much like him in that sense...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleDK View Post
    I think if Dexter wanted the world to know these things he would already have told us.
    Quote Originally Posted by malepunker View Post
    What about when band is finished and commercial intersts are a little more aout of the question?
    Maybe there would be not much harm in telling the stuff then.
    Maybe in the 90s, commercial interest could've been a concern... but now? No way, wouldn't make any sense. Dexter is clearly a private guy, and he's talk about this stuff if he wanted to. In fact, they'd probably get more attention if he shared it. But it seems pretty clear he doesn't want to.
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    He does cherish his privacy away from the spotlight.

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