...in order to defend themselves and create a positive web presence. I want to see if folks would agree with my perception of the phony falseness of supposed MLM defenders around the net.

I watched this video of what I contend is a corporate shrill making the case for MLM companies. His name is "Lou Abbot". Or at least that's what he says it is:

While watching the video, I paused it and decided to go check out the link to Abbott's website that the video presents. To be honest, right off the bat I was curious to see if he actually seemed like a regular guy who was inspired to speak/write about MLMs, or just some asshole who was paid by a sleezy MLM corporation to make a video defending them. Below is the link the the aforementioned website: http://www.mlm-thewholetruth.com/com...ge-1/#comments

While viewing the website, I found the whole thing to be really fake seeming. It just seemed to lack any sense of legitimate human inspiration. Robotic, corporate friendly language and phrases everywhere. Then I stumbled upon something in the comment section that I felt seemed outrageously phony. The conversation is below:

Steve Penney May 28, 2013 at 12:07 am
I was in it a couple years ago. A huge start up cost and you really have to hustle to re-coupe your money. I helped my mother to switch to ACN, however, it she returned back to her old phone company provider she did not really save money on her phone bill. I got out of it after I read Lou Abbott book. Good thing that I did. I even took a trip to Michigan to their headquarter. I was not impressed. Steve

RJ Lange June 2, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Steve took a trip to Michigan to see the headquarters and wasn’t impressed. I guess not, since the headquarters is in North Carolina : \

ACN is a GREAT option for ANYBODY that needs an opportunity and is willing to actually work to achieve their goals. If you can introduce 3 partners to this business relatively quickly and acquire roughly 25 services in a year or two (consider 5-10 of those services will probably come from your own household) and then MAINTAIN that number of services, you can prosper greatly with ACN. The “HUGE start-up cost” Steve refers to literally made me laugh out loud.

Now is it just me, or does it REALLY seem like RJ Lange is someone paid by and involved with an MLM company? It just seems so odd how this "RJ Lange" has the perfect rhetorical response to each point made against MLMs. And his language seems to border between sounding like he's simply defending MLM's and the language that a con man might use if he were trying to talk someone into taking a bad deal by glossing over huge problems with the deal.