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    So, I just discovered that performing the Diva Dance is a fairly big thing in Eastern Europe (and Asia, to a lesser extent). I always assumed the original was synthesised somehow, since it seems well outside the capabilities of a human voice. But apparently, it's totally something that people can do, and they've been doing it for ages in their shitty bog-countries and I've known nothing about it.

    So my question is, why in the name of slow suffering fuck haven't western entertainers been performing the Diva Dance every week since 1997? Why am I only just now finding out it's a thing that exists?

    I've listened to probably 15 or 20 renditions of it now and so far this one might just be my favourite.

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    I always thought that scene was one of the best moments in recent sci-fi history. It's cool to see other people doing a pretty good job with it!
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    is it true that obama may legaliz it?

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    I am very impressed... I also assumed it was artificial...

    Ah and now, I want to watch the 5th Element again. I really miss that Luc Besson...

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    That is an impressive yet wholly unpleasant noise.
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