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Thread: True Meaning of "Kill the President"

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    Default True Meaning of "Kill the President"

    While early Offspring songs were pretty mystifying, this cut remains the most curious of them all, mainly because of the infamy it caused and its subsequent censorship. The most important thing in finding the meaning of this song is that it's not to be taken literally; as Dexter said before a live performance, "This song is not about assassination, it's about taking control of our own lives." While only figuratively used, the name "Kill the President" was provactive enough to get the band some attention, which was what they were looking to do at this point in their career (just watch their segment on the Wally George show).

    The first lines of the song seem almost sarcastic: "In a world without leaders, who'd start all the wars?"
    But if the world lacked leaders, there would be be more chaos and violence than before. Similar to how "Cool to Hate" makes it obvious that people who do nothing but hate are certainly not cool.

    Though I think the most important line is: "A leader's not the center of Democracy."
    True to the Constitution, the President is NOT the leader in a Democracy, the people are. This makes me believe it's criticizing people's over-reliance on the government, empowering people to take action and not blame the government/the president for their faults and take responsibility themselves.

    This is simply my interpretation, I encourage people to discuss. Was their anymore input from the band themselves?

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    It is not about assassination, it is about taking control over our own lives. To not have a leader controlling every move you make, every vow you break, every smile you fake, every claim you stake.

    Your statement that "if the world lacked leaders, there would be be more chaos and violence than before." is not very punk at all.
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