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Thread: How much Offspring can you hear in our new stuff?

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    Smile How much Offspring can you hear in our new stuff?

    Hey all!

    Its been a while since I posted anything on here...
    Thought Id show you guys what Im currently working on with my band if anyone wants to hear
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    I can hear some Offspring, some Rise Against, even some hard rock influences, this is how I like my music, and I expected nothing less from you The slow break after the solo is something The Offspring does quite often, I can see where that came from. Looking forward to the album!
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    Burn it up because you do not call ignition ............ Because ignition is born green and then ripens and becomes burn it up, which is yellow, then darkens and becomes a song that has yet to be published and will appear in a collection of b-sides and brown nell'accezione this song is a song from the session discarded of ignition.

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    Your voice reminds me of the singer of Streetlight Manifesto, never really noticed until now.
    Also, good song!
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    Then we got 1000+ views on our myspace, that was our biggest achievement
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    Our goal is to find a drummer & rythm guitarist, record a 5 song demo, get on the radio,

    The Ricetigers

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