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Thread: Kiev media thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryBo View Post
    Concert was great. of course, we were waiting in front of the empty stage for ages but those feelings which we all got when you came were gorgeous. amazing, you're live, in 10 meters of us!!! beautiful songs, great rocking, so we hope you'll come again soon.
    I hate that fact, that we were waiting for you near the hotel for about 4 hours. hoping you'd like to come out and accept our greetings and gifts - national Ukrainian shirts which are really expensive. That's a shit that you ran away from us. I'm hundred percent sure you knew about us. What the fuck? We all love you so much, but that's really offensively when you ignore us If only you knew what a big dream it was to give you those shirts((( please tweet something if you at least noticed they were thrown on the stage...
    Weren't there a gazillion people in front of the hotel? How the fuck are they supposed to go out there with no security or nothing and not get mobbed? Just asking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool 2 hate 681 View Post
    I found the full show in good quality on youtube
    Wow, this is awesome !!!!! Thanks for posting !

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