Hey Offspring!

I am a huge fan since i'm 13th years old(I'm now 31) and I look forward to see you again in Montebello at the Rockfest on june 14th. I never seen a line-up as complete as in this festival. It's gonna be old punk rock yessss. I really would like to hear your old songs deep cuts please!!Elders-Beheaded-Genocide-Meaning of life-Mota-Dirty Magic-Get it right- Nothing from something..those kinds of old hits please?..Because the others bands will not play songs like pretty fly and why dont you get a job song style....or it would be better and awesome to play an ignition set....since australia tour in early 2013 you did it....it would be all appreciate by all the fans to play ignition or a lot of deep cuts.
Thank you in advance!!!