Although it's a seemingly obscure topic, I feel as though discussions about this issue have become predictable and based around repetitive talking points. Or maybe just at these boards it does. For example: Person A takes a moral stance. Person B claims that Person A is being phony and does not genuinely feel the way he/she claims to, and has an ulterior motive. This sets up Person A to claim that Person B is only making this assumption because he/she personally thinks in this terrible way, and has an interest in believing that others secretly think this way as well.

But what do you really think about this if you had to examine in more deeply? Are you cynical about the way that people truly think, especially those who are passionate and outward about their moral convictions?

I personally am very cynical about this. I do not think that most people go around thinking awful, bigoted things all the time. I do however, think that many people routinely have thoughts and perceptions that contradict their moral convictions to at least some extent. It's a difficult thing to be fully sure of. However, I have observed that out of all the people I've gotten to know closely, virtually ALL of them have revealed serious contradictions between their actions and their moral philosophies. This carries a lot of weight with me.