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Thread: Australian Warped Tour 2013

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    Default Australian Warped Tour 2013

    I've got my ticket for the Melbourne show in December and I'm really excited to see my favourite band for the first time. I was incredibly stoked when they were announced cause they'd just been here for soundwave and I missed both that and the Ignition shows

    But anyway, who's going to the Warped Tour? What other bands are you excited to see? There aren't any besides the obvious that I'm really a big fan of, but I'll watch Tonight Alive, New Found Glory and Simple Plan as well.

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    Goddamn the Warped lineup sucks. Shame, since it's the first time it's come here in forever.

    Why the hell would anyone attend this instead of Soundwave? Crazy. Last year's SW was a little lame, but this one's such a step up, it's back to its usual awesomeness.

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