And yes, I'm asking you, because it is actually difficult to talk about it to IRL people.

It is a "My friend does this and I don't like it, what should I do ?" thread.

Here is the thing.

I have this friend that we will call X that I met 1st year of college, 12 years ago...

For 10 years, we've been real good friends with my other friend called Y that I met at the same time.

It was really great, though sometimes bumpy.

A few years ago, Y and me became lawyers. X followed another route. We always supported her. But she started getting depressed for a lot of different reasons. And she started to think that Y was an asshole.

They did a trip to the US together. When they came back, they weren't friends anymore and I became the kid with divorced parents.

That was almost 2 years ago and I've been very careful at not choosing any of them.

The problem is that now, X and I don't have much in common. And the fact that Y is out of the equation makes it really difficult.

I basically get incredibly bored when I see X and sometimes, she makes me angry and sad, namely by saying things about Y that I don't like to hear. We still see each other about once a week and it's difficult to slow things down because that's what we've been doing for 12 years.

Anyway, this is the 1st time in my life that I think I shouldn't be friend with someone anymore and I really do feel bad about it, especially because she was a once best friend.

So my question is : Did this even happen to you ? How did you deal with it ? Is it possible to stay a little bit friend but not too much ? Am I a horrible person ?

I know, I feel like a 12 year old.