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    Default 13 year-old stalker

    So there is a playground near my house that I walk to a lot. I go there just to exercise and because I like to swing. That may seem strange but hey, it's me. For the past three years all I have done when I go there is swing for a couple of hours and then go home. Recently because I have been trying to get fit and what not, I started doing chin ups on the monkey bars. At some point in late April or early May, I met a kid named Adam, who is 13. He is extremely small, he looks about nine, so I don't know if he is actually 13 but I do think he is. Anyways, he was on the monkey bars and he asked me to do an obstacle course with him so I did. I figured that was the end of it because he went home after. The next day he was at the park and some 14 year-old kids who look and act more like they're 17 or 18 were bullying him so I told them to stop, because I know the guys. He's started bugging me every time I am at the park, so I started going later in the day, at about 6 or 7 at night. He started waiting around for me. He says inappropriate things that actually make me uncomfortable and now he gets really angry at me if I don't go to the park for a few days or he doesn't see me. He said something about switching into my school next year, too. I tried to explain to him why it isn't really okay for an 18 year-old to hang out with a 13 year-old all the time but he said "my parents don't care as long as I don't date you." which leads me to believe that it has been brought up. So, how do I fix this? I feel like I seem like a creeper and I am honestly just kind of a loner and would rather zone out and listen to music than talk to someone. I also don't want to be too blunt and hurt his feelings because he is a kid...
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    1) He's not a stalker from what you described. A stalker stays in the distance for most of the time. He's more like a follower.
    2) Tell him you're a loner, that's why you came to the playground anyway. If he asks you to meet you again, you tell him you want to stay alone. You don't want his company, you just helped him out - once. If you meet him again there, you talk to him for 5 minutes (Hey, what's up, what did you do, bla bla) and then you explain again, that you want to be alone for the rest of the time. It's just nice and polite to not ignore people, but it's not an invitation for discussions you don't want to have.
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    I also don't want to be too blunt and hurt his feelings because he is a kid...
    Why? He'll get over it. Getting your feelings hurt is a great way to learn. And it sounds like this little brat really needs to learn. If nothing else, just focus on the part where he needs to hang out with kids his own age.
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