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I was sexually harassed by security, in front of a bunch of people. The boss lady from flavor witnessed the illegal search, and she even said that the security was out of line. And It doesn't matter where your ticket places you, it just seems like the offspring are too good to meet their fans or acknowledge the fans that they know. It seems like the Offspring thinks every fan is a psycho crazy person and punish the fans (mostly the girls) for being a fan. They have an attitude that they are better than their fans, and put down their fans. And yes the played, but the whole set was rushed. I've seen them 15 times, and they never rush their sets.
dafuq are you talking about? Punish mostly the girl fans? You were "invited"? What the fuck is wrong with you? Can you please either elaborate and explain what is wrong or just shut the hell up already.

What do you mean you were invited?
What do you mean the Offspring thinks every fan is a psycho crazy person?
What do you mean they punish the fans (mostly girls)?
Why would you say they think they are better than their fans?
How do they put down their fans?

Jesus something MUST be wrong with you...