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Oh Harlequin, absolutely. I don't disagree with you in the slightest. I chose the game, I made the rules, I posted the spoilers. The blame's all on me.

But I'm not trying to make Oxygene share the blame. I'm just helping to illustrate to the rest of the board what a fragile, hypocritical person he is. Despite him being so enraged that I posted that first spoiler, he now has the power to make me stop. I've given him the power to make me stop. But he's choosing not to exercise that power. He's choosing not to exercise it, because, no matter how strongly he feels about the posting of spoilers, he absolutely does not have the self-control to allow another person to have the final word.

So for all his ranting about what a dickhead, fuckhead, dumbfuck horrible person I am for posting a spoiler, in truth it actually means so little to him that he'll have me post spoiler after spoiler after spoiler ; just because he can't resist calling me an 'inferior newbie' one more time.
Everyone reading the thread knows it's full of spoilers, your point is completley mute.. let alone you think that some random n00b, who will soon be long gone is significant enough to influence my choices... let alone BLACK MAIL ME...
That's like you posting "if Offspring don't play at my house, I am going to kill baby kittens"...

You are retarded. And Llamas is totally right, comparing you to retarded people is an insult to them. So I will stop doing that.

And you really really need to stop obsessing over wether or not and where and what I post... you are truly damaged. I guess it's the way it always worked, little insignificant noobs come in and take a swing at someone who actually matters to the community, try to make something of them selves. Stop. It makes you look silly. I am sure there are other ways you could earn some appreciation. Try getting a personality..step 1. I'll help you with more along the way as you progress if you ask nice enough.

Fucking n00bs.