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Thread: Trying to follow guidelines, new to this shit

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    Default Trying to follow guidelines, new to this shit

    I dont want to repeat old threads or restart really old ones, but i like some of the threads like Guess the lyric and stuff that I can look into and contribute dailey. I know it says to search and see if a thread has been done befor posting but if it has how bad would it be to start her going again, or maybe i am just too late on the game. How bad would it be to re-start some of the oldies, I cant be the only new member.

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    Worst that can happen is that we close your thread and refer you to an older thread. It's no big deal if you 'break' a guidelines, as long as you don't have bad intentions.
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    The general thought, on my end, is that if the thread is several months dead, there is no real worry in starting a new one, unless it is something that has been discussed to death. You can try running a search for something and if there are only a couple/few ancient threads on the topic, then by all means, start a new thread. If there are like fifty threads about it (Ex: When will the Offspring release their next album? To which the only real answer is "Wait and see"), then read the old threads and only bump it if you have something to add to the conversation. If all you have to say is, "I think thats really interesting", then don't bump it. If you have something to say that is along the lines of, "I disagree and here is why..." then it might be worth bumping.
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