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Thread: Who DOESN'T want children?

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    The childfree, on the other hand - perhaps in response to that pressure - despise children. They hate their presence, their suggestion, the smell of them, their voices... everything.
    I'm not sure here if you meant that some childfree people are like this, or that this is often generally true of childfree people... I hope the former, because I consider myself childfree (and so are many of my friends - some are like me, as in we might eventually, and others who really never will) but I love kids. I taught kids for a couple years, and now I teach teenagers. And they freaking love me. Childfree doesn't mean you dislike kids... sometimes it just means they're not for you as a full-time deal, and other times it just means you're not sure/ready.

    And for llamas, a short PS concerning adoption - if I have a kid, I would prefer it be my genetic material. I'll be up front about that. Somehow it's pretty selfish to buy into the bloodline/genetic material narrative. I agree with that. But understanding it doesn't make me want it any less. I would adopt, certainly, but only if my preference for my own genetics was somehow unworkable. I don't really have a defense for it, and I'm not particularly interested in formulating one because I see no purpose to the argument. It's just a preference.
    Yeah, this is the most common response I hear from people who wish to birth a child themselves (the second most common is super defensive haha). I wouldn't expect anyone to give a better justification for it - there *is* no purpose to the argument. I just wish that most people who birth children could see that there's no good reason for it, and not judge people who don't want to birth children. I really don't care if people birth their own children instead of adopt - I'm not even remotely preachy about that because I do respect biology and hormones and all that. But the thing is, I have a legit reason I can explain regarding why I want to adopt... and yet it's still often thrown out as inferior, not actually legit. It drives me nuts.

    Otherwise, I generally agree with you. I don't know why people care so much about whether or not others have kids. One of my friends' wife is now pregnant with their third kid. Other friends immediately started badgering him about his environmental footprint, why did you need to do that? On the other hand, I'm friends with a couple who is and will always be childfree by choice (the girl is in her late 30s, guy late 40s), and a few weeks ago a friend said to me, "It's such a shame that they'll never have kids." None of these comments serve any purpose. Tom and his wife chose to have 3 kids. So what. I think 3 is too many, but so fucking what. It's not my life. Dan and his wife chose to have no kids. Again, so what. None of this stuff is anyone's business but their own.
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