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Thread: Thanks For Sticking To The Formula Guys.

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    Default Thanks For Sticking To The Formula Guys.

    We grow and we change, our view points, our tastes, For most of us you can't stop it, the very thing you hate today, could be what you love tomorrow and it's all right. That's what keeps us moving forward and not just stuck in our ways.
    For most artists you can witness the change and it's not always embraced as a good one. You guys have managed to mature in your music and grow as artists and all the while keep the original formula that makes The Offspring great intact. Most musicians are unable to accomplish that and at some point your not even sure what your listening to anymore.
    I've been rockin out to you guys since I was 11 years old When Smash came out and I will always buy the new offspring album because you have never disappointed me. I bought ignition about 5 years ago thinking there has to be some early recordings on it that probably aren't as good as what I expect from The Offspring but again I loved every track. I really wish I could find a hard copy of your 1989 self titled release.
    I guess I just want to say thanks for keeping me rockin into my 30's guys. No matter how much I've grown the one thing about me that hasn't changed is that I Fucking Love The Offspring!

    and I hope to see you guys in Seattle again some time soon.

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    Whoa, glad to hear the positiveness! Thanks for sharing your story/experience with The Offspring. Keep on rocking, dude!

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