I think I've got it. At any rate, I get a bad fright every time I see some ghastly spider scurry past.

Once was a week ago, at lunch. I repeat: lunch. Business lunch. We weren't in the middle of the jungle, no, but busily cutting up our cutlets and talking shop, when suddenly I caught sight of some creepy thing moving from the tail of my eye. Looking more closely I uttered a scream as I recognised a horrid spider scuttle past and descend from the table, just as you would from a rope, on some invisible thread. Hardly knowing what I was doing, I scrambled up at once, gathered my bag and went on whimpering uncontrollably. My hands felt damp and I was in a pitiable state... quite beside myself. The girl seated opposite me didn't see it at once, and judging from my screech thought it must be a roach. Roaches are supposed to be worse than spiders, aren't they? Yet I don't imagine my reaction would have been much different. I thought I'd bust an artery, it was so... repulsive.

Anybody might relate? What are the cures for arachnophobia? Are they even any? I think I could try and calm myself in certain situations, but in others - such as mealtime, or nighttime - I doubt I could control myself. I can tell myself "My dear girl, stay cool, it's not going to crawl inside you... just yet" but upon seeing one... I forget all sense of decency. *sighs*