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You know what I have noticed? I have never known a vegetarian that actually performs physical work for a living. I have known several vegheads and all were fairly weak physically. They always seemed like they ran out of energy easily. None stayed vegtableheads btw. The few I did know, did it because of a girl.
That actually follows - people with higher education and thus more intelligence don't tend to do physical labor for work because they're smart enough to get better jobs. Most vegetarians I know are rather intelligent people

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Do you have an idea how drastically animal cruelty would be reduced if everyone stopped supporting industries that intentionally kill animals?

I don't mean to be rude, but I feel like y'all are carrying out this conversation without acknowledging that just because it weakens your argument. Seriously...the difference would be...astronomical. Yet, you're all acting as though it's a situation where....eh cruelty is happening either way, so it's all the same. Don't at least see how this could be viewed as an annoying excuse to someone who is a vegetarian? It's like you're creating a nice little win-win for yourselves.

I'm at work, I'll try to get back to some other posts more directly.
Do you have any idea how drastically the environment would be helped (including animals!) if everyone stopped driving cars and started biking or taking public transportation??

The point is: even though a bunch of progressive-minded folks are doing so, the majority isn't going to change. I haven't owned a car in 3 years and therefore my ecological footprint is a lot smaller, but I don't bug other people about it.

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Plus, you fucking vegan assholes are eating the shit that MAKES OXYGEN and consumes CO2. You know, that stuff we need to breathe and not suffocate. Jerks.
And you eat the animals that poop in the soil to make the plants healthy so we can breathe! Jerks.