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Thread: The human connection to animals

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    Seriously though, that's a fucking stupid question. I can love an animal. I do not love all animals. I can eat an animal. I do not eat all animals. Such a fucking stupid question. I'm actually bothered by how fucking stupid that question was.
    Right, but if you understand that one animal can be deserving a person's love, you would in turn have to admit that basically all animals have this capacity. Which should lead you to believe that all animal lives are more valuable than some people tend to believe.

    Something else to consider. Let's use cows for this. If we all stopped eating beef, drinking milk, making things from leather and so on, what would actually happen to cows as a species? Outside of India they'd go fucking extinct in no time at all. They only exist because we find them useful. Perhaps we treat them cruelly, but if we didn't use them they wouldn't even exist.
    I don't buy this argument. The treatment of each individual animal should be seen as important. An individual cow isn't really going to have a better life just because it's species as a whole is doing better globally.
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