What does he say after:

"shut your gob, you" 0:41
'this woman comes to our house, ..." 1:33
"this lady comes into the bedroom with a pair of thingies on..." 1:50
(the whole joke till punchline, if you please)
"the wife keeps cats..." what I don't get is the punchline at 1:56 after he says "have you tried opening the window?"
"p.i.k.o... drag it into tube 3?" 5:24

"settle down, now... I don't want us to make a noise, 'cause... I've got a headache". then comes the "toilet seat" punchline which I unf'tly don't get 41:46
"I saw this fellow pulling a piece of string... I talk to anybody me... I said what are you pushing that for, he said [...]" 43:02
the dog punchline 43:25 43:30 approximately
the joke after the mother-in-law thing 44:00 44:20 approx