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    We should, PIB, we should.

    But I'd like to point out that you omitted something important from your DS9 summary. The Big Thing that runs through the entire series and drags it down with each consequent appearance, ruining even (or perhaps especially) the ending.

    The Bajoran religion as a material thing is fine, how their society and their clerical organizations interact, they're history under the Cardassian occupation and the machinations they use in free Bajoran politics. But goddamnit if the prophets don't just suck. It coud've been really cool to go with the aliens-as-Gods thing but instead the Prophets end up making everything connected to them into something boring. Terribly written, shoe-horned into episodes. Essentially they're Q with no personality, or anything interesting other than where they happen to live. Ugh the prophets. DS9 would've been amazing if they didn't keep reminding us how boring the Prophets are every time we almost forgot.

    The Prophets are what take DS9 down a few pegs until just below Voyager. Otherwise I would've agreed that DS9 is the best.
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    I must generally agree, though perhaps I am better at simply ignoring the Wormhole Aliens because they don't bother me enough to knock DS9 out of the top spot. I would probably have to say that the entire final season of DS9 was a massive disappointment though, and the Prophet-related storyline would be the primary reason. Basically I just seem to ignore all the seasons I don't like as much because the ones that remain are amazing. If I was being fair and gave Voyager the same treatment I suppose it would come out looking much better than I usually give it credit for.
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