Just learned that Showtime has chosen not to renew this show for a fourth season. The fourth season was always intended to be the final, so to end now just seems ridiculous. While it wasn't the greatest show ever made it was solidly good throughout, with moments of greatness.

Pretty bummed about this. I had been rewatching the first few seasons of The Tudors which got me in the mood for more Borgias. I had previously thought that Showtime was pretty safe, in the same way HBO can be trusted not to end things too soon. Showtime disappointed me in the past when they failed to renew Brotherhood but I had to admit that the show had been floundering. I felt it could be saved but I understood why they chose to end it. But this, I don't understand this decision at all. I saw one possible explanation saying that the show was too expensive but I'm not really willing to accept that. Just make it cheaper. It can be done.

Anyone else like this show?