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Thread: On recovering drug addicts

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    There is a difference between having your addiction under control and no longer being an addict.

    This begs the question of whether your friend was actually an addict, or simply over indulging.
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    Or what? Or you'll leave as soon as someone returns your rudeness and delete all your posts? I'm so scared.

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    I think part of the rehabilitation process is to admit that you are an addict and have a problem. Though people can learn to deal with it and live life sober, I don't think you ever really get over the addiction.

    I don't know firsthand but my sister is an alcoholic. She is 7 years sober and now has completely turned her life around. She still calls herself an alcoholic. I don't think it ever goes away, but one can sure change their actions.

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    For fuck sake, I wrote a long response to this thread and then my fucking browser crashed.

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    Personally, I have trouble believing that drug addicts have no control over their actions.
    Then you've never really been addicted to anything.

    I had a lot more to say, but hey, that's the fucking gist.
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    Nah Retard, Lost is right. I thought about it immediately after posting. Just because he has his urges under control doesn't mean he's not an addict. He's drinking soda at parties, because he's an addict.
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