Hey people!
I just registered to share with you my latest work.

Since I've always been a huge fan of this great band and Americana is certainly one of my most favourite albums I made this painting to show my appreciation for the band and for the artist Frank Kozik which was a great influence for me and my art when I was younger (I started to listen to The Offspring when I was 10).

Those images for some reason made a huge impact on me at the time because although Kozik's style is very simple I believe that it has this peculiar psychological symbolic strength which makes his art somewhat eerie but also very interesting!

So that's it, just wanting to share this with you guys.

I do not want by any means put my art above Kozik's. As I said this is a tribute to his great work and to this great band.

You can also see other works from me at:

Cheers and take care!