Many people (myself included) view government as an entity that exists to help the people of the country and make sure those of the society are taken care of. Many of us believe that how great a country is can be measured on how well-cared for its people are. I've never been on welfare and don't intend to ever be, yet I wouldn't live in a country that doesn't have a good welfare system because that to me is a sign of a crappy country/government. To live a decent life in modern times, one needs just a few things - their health, food, shelter with running water and electricity, and a way to get around safely (transportation). Thus I support public health care, food stamps, government housing, and public transportation as options for those who want to use it - as well as private options for people who prefer that and can afford it. I have a good job and a good salary, so I don't need government help in that regard, but the fact that it exists for those around me is necessary. It's just a bit of empathy, and thus my votes are not bought any more than anyone else's vote.