[lawyer]PIB, have you thought about your succession ? If you don't get a divorce, and get a whole another life with another person, it would be weird that your wife still is the one who should inherit from you... Unless, of course, you live in a country where the spouse doesn't get anything...[/lawyer]

Anyway, I've been with my boyfriend/partner/almost husband/best friend that I f... for 11 years.

We're not married, we don't care one way or the other. If we had tons of money, we probably would do it as "oh that's a giant party, yeaaaaaah". But we don't have tons on money and we'd rather spend it on travelling. And as for the lega/taxl reasons, we got a civil union last year so that's done.

The only thing I would get married for is that I don't know how to refer to him. After all that time, and the fact that we know that unless one of us becomes a giant asshole, there's a good chance we'll stay together untill we both have Alzheimer and don't rememebr who we are, it feels weird to call him my boyfriend.