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Thread: Favorite Offspring Album

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    But as soon as they announce the 2014 "Smash clubshow tour", smash might take over.
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    Conversation after Paris show:
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    ixnay has marked me the most cuz i fell in love wt them by then. but i have to say its funny how we, fans, never pick the last one (except puschka aka Sergy!). In contrast, I guess the band will always prefer their last work (or last child!) XoP id pick Splinter too. cuz it has more hardcore songs in a row than the others. i think the combination of songs is just perfect plus the fusion of Never gonna find me and Lightning Rod gets me baffled. they are the masters of hardcore songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Costa View Post
    i have to say its funny how we, fans, never pick the last one
    This is true. I guess it's as you suggested yourself - you fell in love with Ixnay so its your fave. The stuff I was going through when Ignition became important to me, basically means that Ignition will almost certainly never be usurped to me, not just as my fave Offspring record, but my fave record full stop. DGB is a fantastic record, but Ignition means something more to me because it helped to shape who I am.

    Then again, there are plenty of folks whose first/fave/most important album was COO or Americana, whereas I was saying back then 'Ignition every time'. Perhaps in a couple of years there'll be new blood who'll honestly say DGB is their favorite. I hope so

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    the offspring... the best band forever

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