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How the fuck does a parent allow their kid to go around hungry, dirty and needy? How do you get so confused and selfish that you allow your kids that pain? That being said, anyone who even attempts to justify this as good parenting should have their ass beat.
Three kids, at that. If you underestimate how much it will cost to take care of one kid, don't have two more. This is where being pro-choice comes in handy. If you fail to use a condom or b/c, you still have a choice not to have more kids. And then once you have the kids, you can choose to stop getting more dogs. I have little tolerance for horrible parents... too much personal witness, especially considering how many children and teenagers I've taught. I'm actually not entirely opposed to overfeeding your kids with junk food to the point of obesity being considered child abuse. So many people just shouldn't be allowed to breed.