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Thread: The Offspring labeled as a "lame band"

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    Default The Offspring labeled as a "lame band"

    I know this was posted about a month ago, but I just saw an article on Houston Press that lists The Offspring as one of the "10 Lamest Bands the '90s". Here's what the article says:

    "Man, I know that The Offspring once put out some pretty sweet punk music, but at some point these fools decided - enough with the punk music, let's put out some terrible jams and call it a day. They're at their worst in that abysmal pop-punk phase, where their lyrics are utterly ham-fisted and unintentionally ironic, and the vocals are grating at best."

    I don't agree about The Offspring being a lame band as I've been a big fan of them for years.
    The founder of The Offspring Wikia, and looking for someone to help out, find out why at this thread.

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    I have here, in my right side front pocket, every person in the world who gives a shit about that list.
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    I like how he starts out saying they put out good music haha

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    Just some poor bastard looking to get his blog some traffic. Move along.
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    Welcome to 1996, amigos.

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