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Capitalism isn't bad. It's the best way to create wealth. It becomes a bad thing when some people start to get so much money it's not even real. Money they won't be able to spend in a lifetime... or in 5 generations lifetims. It becomes a really bad thing when other people don't have enough money to live.

That's the same thing with communism. Communism ? Excellent idea. But you also need to create wealth.

Capitalism is a good concept as long as you add a pinch (and a big one) of socialism.

Moto> Taking a risk ? ok... but what about the bosses of huge companies who are paid incredible amounts of money when really, they are just employees ... and they don't care about being fired because they negotiate goooood money for when they are actually fired ? Where is the risk in that ?
Nothing is perfect. No doubt some make WAY, WAY more than they are ever worth. It borderlines being ridiculous....they can be fired however. They can go to jail. Ever try to fire or imprison a government official or communist dictator?

The only people who bitch and moan about their fair share and shared wealth and societal fucking cumbyiaaaah are the ones who can't compete or won't compete. There is no question that capitalism is far and away THE BEST. MOST FAIR syetm on the planet. You want to get ahead?...work harder. You want to get smarter?...study more. You invent something?..you own it. You can make your own breaks and you can be broken. What exactly is so fair about taking from someone else things you didn't earn?