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Thread: HOW are you supposed to do it ?

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    Default HOW are you supposed to do it ?

    So, that's a thread mainly for the US users of the BBS. It's about college tuition. Not sex.... sorry.

    During my student years and recently, I often laughed, when I talked to US people on message board or IRL, about the ridiculously expensive price of university.

    I remember that weird conversation with a friends'penpal from Texas who asked us how much a year of college costed in France. And we said "About 300 Euros".

    And she answered "3000 Euros ?! That's cheap !"

    No... 300...

    Then she just looked shocked and sad.

    I thought that difference was stupid and amusing.

    Now that I'm 31, I still think it's stupid, but I don't think that amusing at all.

    I reached that age with projects and now I'm buying an appartment. I will be having a debt for the first time in my life and i'm terrified. It feels like I'm exchanging my freedom for a bigger place to live...but I get that it's necessary and I won't pay much more than rent so it's okay.

    BUT now I'm wondering HOW can you buy an appartment, when you reach that age when you're supposed to be married and have kids, if you already owe a 100.000 Dollars to the bank ?!

    Also, I could never have been a serene student knowing that I owed all that money... I probably wouldn't have been to college...

    Seriously, how do you guys do it/plan to do it ? how are you supposed to do it ? Did you give up going to college because of the price ?

    Also, do you know WHY it's like that ? I get that US isn't very fond of public services in general but giving your youth a chance to be educated doesn't seem like a bad investment...

    PS : Wheelchairman, please don't brag. I know that Danes are PAID to study

    All the Beautiful Things you do

    Respect my authoritah !

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    There are quite a lot of US students in UCC - many because it's just too expensive to go to college back home for them.

    Saying that, Ireland is one of the more expensive places to go to college in Europe. I can't remember how much my BA cost - about 1000 per year, maybe more. An MA costs about 5000-7000 now, and my PhD is 5700 a year (thank god for scholarships!).

    And the government keep threatening to charge more (as technically you don't have to pay fees in Ireland for 3rd level).

    It kind of depresses me to think that in other countries a lot of this is so much less expensive. But then I think about the poor people of the US and feel happier!

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