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    The 2014 Supercross starts tomorrow night with A1 (1/4). I doubt many on this site are into it, but just throwing it out there for y'all. Villapoto will have a good run and Stewart will probably screw himself into the ground in an all out test of the tinsel strength of his bars. Tomac, he'll fade being a rookie, Dungey-he's a beast if he gets a lead, Reed- riding green again and he might stand a chance if he gets his balls back, Barcia-he'll chuck it over the whoops.

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    I'm really excited for A1. I think that Tomac will give the rest of the guys a run for their money. I see him winning a few races but not really dominating. I hope Reed finally has a decent season again. Dungey ( my favorite) I really want to see him win it. He needs to have the #1 plate back. I just hope that when it comes back to Indianapolis I'm able to go this year.

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