I love Walt, obviously he's a terrible person, but I love him in a Gul Dukat/Weyoun/Kai Winn kind of way.

Pib, did not know that, but I also feel like there's nothing really that urgent for me to watch (except Breakin and GoT).

Pilz, netflix works with different distributors in different countries. The American version has by far the most variety, but all countries have something unique (even American stuff). I wish I could remember what though. But hey, Danish stuff is pretty in now, no idea if they got subtitles though (thankfully, we dub nothing)

In other news, Scandinavia is where HBO is experimenting with their streaming-only service. Do NOT waste your money ob it when it comes to your locales. Pretty disappointing, downright terrible compared to netflix. In every way (device compatibility, picture quality, content library). For 2$ extra i could've switched to a subscription aervice that would've had GoT on the day after as well, but also way better at those aforementioned things.

Don't know what happened, but people seem pretty intent on streaming-experimentations in what is probably the tiniest market.