Yesterday I went on a youtube binge, and enjoyed watching "Mota" played in Sydney earlier in March.

I began thinking about how rare it is for Ixnay songs to get played live. Since the Ixnay tour (which I was still too young to attend), there really hasn't been much played from this album aside from Gone Away and All I Want, the first two singles. Americana has drowned out any chance.

Intermission doesn't count.

I've been extremely fortunate. I've seen Tehran and Kick Him live. I've seen Genocide played post-Americana at least 5 times. I led or joined the chorus pleading for Dirty Magic to be played live and/or rerecorded. We got it.

But one other song I've been pleading to hear since way back in the day is Amazed.
In addition, I think its tragic I Choose never gets played live. Maybe this got some play since '98, but I don't recall hearing it. Meaning of Life I don't think I've ever heard live either (haven't searched for it though...)

Sound off kids, do you want to hear some more Ixnay live?