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    Here is the last shot in the final hockey game in Mighty Ducks 2.

    A few ridiculous things here that just can't be ignored no matter how you try to justify it.

    First of all, the Duck's goalie, Julie, is advised that the shooter on the other team will do a triple deke in his attempt. Instead, he does basic stick handling while skating towards the net while Julie pointlessly counts the dekes. He then comes to a COMPLETE stop and even pauses briefly before unleashing a slap shot, making the "dekeing" he did a moot point anyway. He shoots the puck and there is a long pause of silence in the arena. Julie then flips the puck out of her glove to reveal that she made the save and everyone cheers. This was ridiculous. I know some people have trouble following the puck in hockey, but for an entire arena to not be able to tell whether or not a slap shot went in the net is retarded. Furthermore, it's the refs job to signal goal or no goal pretty much instantly, unless it's a rare situation where the puck ends up stopping right on the line/under the goalie.
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