Hi everyone!

I'm doing a little project and I need the tracklists for the singles released by The Offspring. If there are multiple releases, I want them all, but I got a lot of them already. Here are the ones I still need:

Next to You
Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
Days Go By
Cruising California
Turning into You
Slim Pickens

And on Hammerhead and You're Gonna Go Far, Kid I only have:
1 Hammerhead
2 Hammerhead (radio edit)

2 YGGF,K (live)
3 Hammerhead (live)

It wouldn't surprise me if there were other versions of those.

I would also like to know about the cover art for Turning into You and Slim Pickens. I think its the radio-headed guy and the girl riding a bomb but I want to be sure.