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Care about what? What is in Syria that we possibly we need to care about? .
Human beings. Innocent civilians. Children.

I don't understand why you engage in conversations like this. Yeah, you're selfish and utterly self-absorbed. You don't care about anything other than yourself, your country and your own ethnic group. You've made that clear. What are you hoping to get out of telling us this over and over? Does some small part of you feel bad about your total lack of empathy for other human beings? Does it make you feel better when other self-absorbed people express similar views? Less guilty about not caring? Or is the concept of caring about someone other than yourself so alien to you that you honestly can't grasp it all? Are you, perhaps, legitimately baffled by why anyone at all cares about Syria because you just can't even imagine how someone could care about fellow human beings?

I actually enjoyed this thread a lot though, so thanks for that. You reminded me of why I do care, why I should care, and inspired me to always try to care more. Because I could fall quite easily into the trap of thinking like you and I don 't want to be that.