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Thread: SMASH - the album that changed it all

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    Default SMASH - the album that changed it all

    This is the album that probably got most of us into The Offspring, it's a gem not only in punk-rock but rock in general. Solid from start to finish, it gave birth to the band's trade-mark sound: punk-rock with elements of metal, alternative rock, grunge music.

    It's always been hard to put my finger on how to describe the sound of this record. It's fresh, rebellious, it has character, anger, and melody, it's fun, fast with powerful riffs, yes, the guitars are the highlight, Dexter's unique voice, there's something about it that makes the songs credible, honest. The whole sound of the record is one of a kind.

    So what's your opinion on it? When did you first listen to it? Share as many details as you want about this masterpiece.

    PS: I had left spaces between paragraphs but it doesn't look that way now. Strage...
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